How to Find Love?
  • Know your wants and needs:
    • Identify your wants and needs
      • so you know what to look for.
    • Fulfill your wants and needs
      • once you know what makes you happy.
What are "wants" and "needs"?
  • "Needs" are the basic necessities and desires for yourself.
    • They are the core values that you need for yourself.
  • "Wants" are the needs from another person (rather than from self).
    • They are the special expectations that you want from others.
How to identify your natural wants and needs?
  • Know your personality type:
    • Each person has different wants and needs.
    • That is because each person has different personality.
    • Different personality type has different sets of wants and needs.
    • For instance:
      • An outgoing person would have some basic different wants and needs from an introverted person.
      • Social mingling would not be what an introverted person would want or need.
      • On the contrary, being with people would be very important for an extrovert.
      • So these wants and needs have to satisfied in a love relationship to be fulfilling.
    • Now, personality types are more complex than just introvert and extrovert.
      • In fact, there are at least 16 different distinguishable types of personality.
      • Indeed, there are infinitely many types if we consider each person as unique.
    • In order to find out the basic needs you have based on your personality type,
      • we can help you identify these wants and needs
      • with the patented personality profiling tool.
    • Once you found your own type,
      • you will know which type of personality is compatible with you,
        • whether your partner is your type or not.
Why are you attracted to certain personality type of your love?
  • Because they fulfill your specific wants and needs:
    • The attraction goes beyond your basic wants and needs.
      • That is why opposite attracts for a lot of people
        • because they are looking for something beyond their own personality needs.
    • Some look for similar type
      • because they are more comfortable with their own characteristics.
    • Yet others look for complementary type
      • because that compliment and extend what they have.
How do you determine which personality type is compatible to you?
  • Well, there are different types of matches:
  • Some people are attracted to
    • the same type.
  • Others are attracted to
    • the opposite type.
  • Yet, some are attracted to
    • complementary type.
  • That is because
    • there is a compatibility between personality development level that fits the match.
  • Which type fits you the most is dependent on your own personality development
    • because your wants and needs change depending on how well your own personality traits have developed.
  • This is why we are here to help you identify:
  • your personality type and
    • your personality development level
      • so you will know what is compatible to you
        • in order to find the love you are looking for, and
        • get your wants and needs fulfilled.
Why is our CORE™ profile so unique and powerful?
  • Because the personality-type labels we used are unique and intuitively (compared to other personality-profiling instrument) -
    • They are so innovative that the profiling instrument is patented, and the CORE™ personality-types are trademarked.
  • Because it is so intuitive,
    • once you identified these personality traits,
      • you will remember them well and
      • use them in your life.
  • Because it is so innovative,
    • you will see results immediately.
  • With the knowledge you gained from the profile,
    • you will know what you need to do to be find love you are looking for in life.

In the meantime, you can

take the patented personality COREProfile now to find out your true nature.

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