First Step to Find Love is:
  • to know your wants and needs, and
  • personality-type compatibility
    • so that you can identify
      • if your natural wants and needs
        • will be fulfilled by the personality preferences.
To Do So:
  • take the patented multidimensional
    personality profile
    now for yourself and your loved one.


CORE™ Multidimensional Awareness Profile (CORE MAP™):
  • Part 1 of CORE MAP™:
    • measures how you perceive your CORE self.
      • identifies if your self-perception corresponds to your true self;
      • identifies your natural needs based on your personality.
  • Part 2 of CORE MAP™:
    • measures your attitudes toward the external world and how you function in this world.
      • identifies if your preferred way of interacting with the world corresponds to your true nature;
      • identifies your natural wants based on your personality.
  • Part 3 of CORE MAP™:
    • measures your personality developmental level and your coping skills under stress.
      • identifies if you have fully developed your authentic self;
      • identifies your wants and needs from your loved one.

  • CORE MAP™ is a multidimensional personality profile:
    • because it not only measures the personality you are currently functioning
    • but also the personality your are born with, your personality preference and the perception of your own self.
  • It identifies your nature and your nurture.
  • It identifies your authentic self - your true nature.
  • It identifies how your current personality is influenced by your upbringing.
  • It identifies your personality preferences.
  • It identifies your natural wants and needs preference in life.

    Take the challenge now.

  • (CORE MAP™ profile includes the complementary CORE PEP™ profile.)

Comparison between CORE™ and other personality profiles


Measures current behaviorial patterns


Adds to self-understanding


Identifies positive and negative behaviors

Identifies preferred attitudes and functions X   X  
Reveals coping skills under stress X X    
Identifies nature from nature X      

Measures degree of functioning in positive and negative modes


Identifies range of positive, negative & midzone behaviors

Identifies coping patterns and development levels for all possible traits X      
Indicates if current functioning is contrary to nature X      
Reveals negative conditioning if it exists X      

Personality-type is easy to remember and immediately identify with self

Difficult to skew (has built-in self-checking capability for inconsistencies) X      
  • Multidimensional - Compares
    • self-perception (looking inward)
    • natural tendencies of interactions in the world (looking outward)
    • current functioning (sanpshot of yourself)
    • reactionary styles, coping patterns, tolerance levels and personal effectiveness for a more complete picture
Facilitated and interpreted by certified professionals trained to discover incongruence and guide clients to true self-awareness X      

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