Find out if your emotion developmental level is compatible with your relationship:
  • Your wants and needs depend on how well your personality is developed.
    • Most people always want things that we don't have.
    • If certain traits of your personality is not developed,
      • you will have the tendency to find that from your loved one.
    • CORE PEP™ will identify
      • which personality traits you have well-developed,
      • which personality traits you have under-developed, and
      • which personality traits you have not developed.
CORE™ Personal Effective Profile (CORE PEP™):
  • CORE PEP™ measures your personality developmental level and your coping skills under stress
    • It identifies how effective you are in your daily life in handling interpersonal relationships.
    • It pin-points how you cope with stressful situations in your relationship.
    • It reveals if your responses to stress are reactional or stable.
    • It measures how well your personality is developed currently.
    • It identifies what personality traits you may want from your loved one to fulfill your needs.
    • It identifies if your current circumstance may have affected how you function on a day-to-day basis.
    • (CORE PEP™ is equivalent to Part 3 of CORE MAP™.)

If this is your first time to take the personalify profile,
we recommend you to
take all 3 parts of the multidimensional profile
instead of just Part 3 (CORE PEP™).

Why take CORE PEP™?
  • Taking CORE PEP™ is very useful to verify your improvements after your have taken the CORE MAP™.
    • It benchmarks your self-development in personal effectiveness after we have coached you.
    • You don't need to re-take Parts 1 & 2 of CORE MAP™ in this case,
      • if you want to see how far you have come since you discovered your true self.
Why take CORE MAP™ instead?
  • Your personality and emotion developmental level may not reflect your true nature
    • if you have been conditioned/nurtured away from your true self by:
      • your upbringing,
      • your relationship,
      • your socialization or
      • any circumstances
    • that prevented you from being your natural true self.
  • Taking all 3 parts of the CORE MAP™ profile will identify these factors for you.

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