How do you discover your true self so you can find the love your want?
  • To discover you true self,
    • you need to understand that
      • you are born with a set of natural personality traits that is unique to yourself.
    • But, often times, your upbringing and social influence can turn you into someone you are not.
      • When that happens, you are not only unhappy without knowing why,
        • but also don't know what you are looking for in life, and
        • what to ask for from your loved one.
  • So you need to know whether:
    • your "nature" or "nurture" has affected you
      • to become the person you are now,
    • before you will be truly happy, and
      • know what to look for from your loved one.
So how do you discover your true self?
  • Your true self is based on your own unique personality type that you are born with.
  • So you need to identify:
    • the personality you are born with
      • i.e., your true self from your nature vs.
    • the personality you are brought into
      • i.e., your conditioned self from your nurture.
How do you find out if you have found your true self?
  • There are personality profiles that can identify:
    • the personality type you are born with,
    • the personality type you prefer to have, and
    • the personality type you are functioning currently.
  • Most personality profiles only identify the personality type you are functioning currently.
    • But that could be misleading because you could be conditioned into functioning away from your true nature.
      • Just because you are nurtured into that type, that doesn't mean that's who you are!
  • Fortunately, there is a powerful patented personality profile assessment tool that
    • helps identify your true nature and your nurturance.
  • It is called the "CORE MAP™" Multidimensional Awareness Personality Profile.
    • It is multidimensional because
      • it measures not only your current personality, but also the true personality that you prefer.
  • It has 3 parts in the profile:
    • one that measures your self-perception (how you look into yourself);
    • one that measures your preference (how you interact with the outside world); and
    • one that measures your current functioning level (how you operate on a day-to-day basis).
  • In addition, it also measures:
    • your personality development level, i.e.,
      • how well adjusted you are,
      • how you cope with stress, and
      • how you relate to others and your loved ones.
  • Identifying your personality development level will help you
    • identify what it takes to fulfill your wants and needs
      • so that you can find the true love you are looking for, and
      • be happy with your choice.
  • Once you found your true self,
    • you will know exactly
      • what you want and
      • what you need.
    • No one needs to tell you whether that match is right for you or not.
    • You will know it from your heart!
    • That is what true love is!

In the meantime, you can

take the patented personality COREProfile now to find out your true nature.

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